For Instructors
"The world economy no longer pays you for what you know; Google knows everything...
The world economy pays you for what you can do with what you know."

Increased demand for skill-based learning requires effective methodologies and delivery systems – become prepared with immersive curriculums
Create and Publish your learning programs within hours after our immersive tutorial. Teach from home or make an appointment with us at the location near you to record automated assignments. We offer revenue sharing for live tutoring and royalty options for recorded assignments of various complexities in Situational Language learning and Advanced communications: Story-telling, Presentation, Explanation, Negotiation, Leadership, Debate, Reasoning, Cross-cultural skills trainings. Our learners range from Self-learners to K-12, Colleges and Corporations. Ask your question today!

Our Course Management System powered by ML tracks performance data for all users and provides suggestions for group matching and alternate learning trajectories.

Participants can export VR experiences and continue learning and communicating from home PC or on Mobile.
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© 2022 EcoSystemOne. All rights reserved.
© 2022 EcoSystemOne. All rights reserved.