Teaching scenarios with multiple intelligences
  1. Present a short info-video, narrated presentation, sequence of instructions or a self-recorded 3d play about the subject, activating a musical-rhythmic, visual-spatial and logical-mathematical intelligence
  2. Engage the participants in team building and sharing exercises activating interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence
  3. Engage the participants in a discussion about the subject activating verbal-linguistic intelligence
  4. Engage the participants in browser Q&A search about the subject, activating logical-mathematical intelligence
  5. Engage the participants in drawing and marking exercises activating visual-spatial intelligence
  6. Engage the students in arranging objects, assembling parts and setting up 360 environments activating visual-spatial intelligence
  7. Engage the students in creating multiple choice questions about the subject activating teaching-pedagogical intelligence
  8. Engage participants in a story making activity on the subject matter activating interpersonal intelligence
  9. Engage participants in a role-play exercise on the subject matter activating intrapersonal and bodily-kinesthetic intelligence
  10. Engage participants in creating a lesson plan or a quest on the subject, activating teaching-pedagogical, intrapersonal and logical-mathematical intelligence
  11. Engage participants in collective movie-making activity on the subject activating all eight intelligences.
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© 2022 EcoSystemOne. All rights reserved.