Metaverse Creator Platform
VR, PC, Mobile
We offer storytelling templates and collaboration AI
to unlock creativity and imagination
Work together with your teammates around the world
Create an interactive simulation for your team

Facilitate game-based exploration & discovery
Launch condign-free game-making courses
Drag and Drop items from the Library and launch your session
Guide your users to build their own VR experience without coding
Intelligent Social Agents are ready to answer any question and collaborate with your audience
AI Assistants
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Chat GPT Integration
  • Session Replay Analytics
  • Facilitator Dashboards
Publishing space available behind the ”door”

Participants can share in VR, on PC, and Mobile
Introduce yourself
Split into teams
Receive Instructions
Review example
Brainstorm ideas
Plot you story
Choose roles
Set the stage
Record your story
Create your own quiz
Record introduction
Check completion
Mix your stories,
Quizzes, intro
Into a quest
Submit for review
Revise or publish
In VR or on Mobile
Sample workflow
Training data & Dashboards
Collaboration Cohesion (CC) indexing of distance between players and points of interest
Dynamic Point of View (PoV) switch between players
Joint Attention (JA) measuring frequency of view cones intersection at points of interest
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