■ Collaborative VR platform with role-play authoring tools
■ Lesson-builder with content library for teachers and CLOs

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At EcoSystemOne we leverage the power of storytelling , game-based learning and immersive technologies to boost engagement, unlock creativity and increase retention
We collaborate with corporations and learning institutions to compose immersive classes & training programs with our lesson scenarios and training templates
Students in Groups follow instructor’s learning scenario to co-create stories, games and quests explaining subjects in their own way, and publish their creations in VR, AR and on mobile

The ”door" is the beginning of the new interactive experience

Base lesson workflow

Introduce yourself
Split into teams
Receive Instructions
Review example
Brainstorm ideas
Plot you story
Choose roles
Set the stage
Record your story
Create your own quiz
Record introduction
Check completion
Mix your stories,
Quizzes, intro
Into a quest
Submit for review
Revise or publish
In VR or on Mobile


Oculus / Vive / Windows MR
With a Virtual Reality headset you can use all the features.
A mobile device allows you to watch live lessons and experience saved stories.

Subscription & licensing options

Blended knowledge delivery systems


Recent story-games

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© 2022 EcoSystemOne. All rights reserved.
Wanna chat? Ping us onDiscord
© 2022 EcoSystemOne. All rights reserved.