Aspire Public Schools and EcoSystemOne partner to offer immersive STEM programs to students from low-income families.

March 22, 2023 - Aspire Public Schools, a California-based charter school network with 36 schools serving 15,200+ students, and EcoSystemOne, a developer of a Virtual Reality learning platform partnered up to offer an immersive STEM curriculum to Aspire's middle school students in the Bay Area.

“This sounded like an amazing opportunity for our students,” says Sonia Cesar, Regional Manager of Expanded Learning, Aspire Bay Area. “Experiencing a new cutting-edge technology coupled with excitement about immersive science improves students’ comprehension of not-so-obvious Physics concepts - and all of it is set in an extraterrestrial landscape of Mars - I wish I had it when I was a child.”

“We are thrilled to make our unique collaborative science and technology curriculum accessible to students from underserved communities,” says Ronit Fuhrmann, VP of Social Impact at EcoSystemOne. “We expect that this year at least 200 Aspire students will participate in our program. VR helps motivate students to learn by making learning fun and engaging. It provides an exciting and interactive way to explore complex topics and can spark learners’ curiosity and interest in subjects that they may have previously found boring or uninteresting.”

EcoSystemOne was incubated at Stanford’s Graduate School of Education and funded by the National Science Foundation. The company’s mission is to prepare kids for a successful future in Tech. While both science and technology are a must, EcoSystemOne believes that collaboration and communication skills are equally essential for life-long success. Its engaging curriculums are focused on both!

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About EcoSystemOne
EcoSystemOne’s mission is to help re-engage kids with STEM through interactive game-based learning in Virtual Reality. Incubated at Stanford and originally funded by the National Science Foundation, EcoSystemOne is the first immersive collaboration learning platform for K-12 STEM learning. Please, visit for more information about our course offerings and other programs